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What Does Insurance Mean To You?

The mere mention of the word INSURANCE conjures up many different thoughts in people’s minds. Those that never had an insurance claim, it may be thought of as a necessity, due to the mandatory state law.  Others that have made a claim, might be grateful and feel like  those pesky monthly premiums were well worth it. Insurance is defined as a safeguard or guarantee against loss or harm. 

You may be the world’s best driver and feel like insurance is just a waste of money.  However, you need to realize that you need it to protect yourself from “the other guy”.  Even if an accident is not your fault, you will need your insurance company on your side to pay for the damages and medical bills.  Have you ever had the misfortune of coming out of a store and to find that your car has been damaged by another vehicle in the parking lot? Chances are pretty good that “the other guy” did not leave a note on your windshield telling you how sorry they were, along with contact information!   So… now you’re not only out your deductible, but also the inconvenience of getting it repaired at your cost and wondering how long you will be without your vehicle!

If you don’t have an extra vehicle or cannot borrow one from a friend or family member, hopefully you have Rental Car Reimbursement on your auto policy.  This coverage will get you access to a vehicle while yours is being repaired. Again… even if you’re a conscientious and cautious driver, you still need insurance to protect yourself from “the other guy”! 

Do You Hate Auto Insurance?

One of my websites is www.hateautoinsurance.com.  The truth is you don’t have to hate auto insurance, just the expensive premiums that can come with it!  One way to make sure you are not overpaying is to constantly review your policy with your agent before every renewal. It is not uncommon for someone to stay with their parent’s company because it was convenient.  

It’s just easier to “set it and forget it!” Face it, no one likes calling around or checking websites to shop for insurance. That’s what our agency does for you. We can check out more than 20 companies to find not only competitive rates, but more importantly, the correct coverages to make sure you are properly covered.  After paying premiums month after month after month, the last thing one wants to hear if they have to make a claim are the words: “NOT COVERED!”  So when you review your insurance, in addition to the rate, make sure you check your coverages to make sure you’re properly covered.

Need Help With Your Insurance Needs?

Bill Sweetman Insurance Agency  |  Located at 7514 30th Ave, Kenosha, WI 53142  |  (262) 657-8072

As we said above, don't be someone that just "sets it and forgets it".  We can take the load off of you with a FREE review of your current insurance coverage and cost comparisons. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind to know that you are covered, just in case that unexpected event happens in your life.  And... feel good that you are paying the lowest price for that coverage!

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Bill Sweetman

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